From the Merrimack Valley in northern Massachusetts, turing test is experienced musicians with a dedication to melody, harmony, technique, and the real time use of leading edge technology to add texture, counterpoint, and classical instrumentation to adult alternative rock music.

The commitment to accurately reproducing this sound means that turing test travels with 4 fully automated mixers and a complete, tri-amped PA system that enable the band to create a true stereo live experience.

The desire to provide a memorable theatrical experience means that turing test travels with 4 tiers of DMX automated synchronized lighting.

Melancholy melodies that impel the listener to wander an internal landscape, sometimes aimlessly, sometimes with conviction are at the core of the songs turing test is currently recording. The lyrics go far beyond the predictable 'boy meets girl, boy loses girl' genre. Some are allegories, examining fractionalization and rapid change, others explore compulsive obsession, the consequences of infidelity, and complexity. But the tunes are not egg-headed art rock. Instead, strong polyrhythms provide a compelling opportunity to dance and enjoy.
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Many of you have come to this site looking for information about Alan Turing and his famous test for artificial intelligence, the Turing Test. While this is not the site for which you are looking, there are links above to information about Alan Turing, his life and his work.
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